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Looking for a job in Nunavut?

Inuit Traditional Skills Needed

Free Training Included

No Experience Necessary


Download Free App to Find Inuit Jobs Available in the Qikiqtani Region

Get Access to Jobs that Build Your Future, Where Traditional Skills are Needed and Free Job Training is Provided


What is Tuttarvik?

Tuttarvik is a free app you can download on the App Store or Google Play so you can find Inuit jobs in Nunavut. This app allows you to easily find and apply for jobs across many different industries.

It’s easy to use and you can create your resume inside the app and apply for jobs directly from there. This free app operates in both Inuktitut and English languages.


Traditional Inuit Skills Are Needed

Discover job opportunities where traditional skills are both valued and needed. Your traditional skills will help you access and succeed in many available jobs across Nunavut. In addition, most jobs will offer free training too, so having experience is not necessary.


Enjoy Work-Life Balance

Family, community and traditional culture make up a big part of living in Nunavut. With Tuttarvik you can find employers who support community events and initiatives that contribute to the community you live in. Beyond work, many employers respect your vibrant northern culture and community, and provide flexible working schedules which allow for time off to enjoy your family life and traditions.


Find the Job That’s Right for You

Finally, you have a place to go to find jobs that are right for you! With this app you can access new and exciting opportunities and start your career path. Jobs are available where you can learn new skills that will help support your family and your community.

Using Tuttarvik is Fun and Easy

Get Started with Tuttarvik in 2 Simple Steps

Step 1

Use Your Phone to Download the App

If you have an iPhone, use the App Store and if you have an Android device, use Google Play. Search for “Tuttarvik” and download the app on your phone.

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Step 2

Watch this Video

Follow along with the steps in the video below as you use the app.

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